Who Am I


Luisamar Navarro, hailing from Zulia, Venezuela, is a renowned violinist and music educator who began weaving her impressive musical career at the age of eight at the prestigious Santa Ana de Coro Music Conservatory. There, she not only mastered the violin but also delved into music theory.

With a strong commitment to perfecting her art, Navarro took part in a series of specialized courses. Between 2002 and 2008, she honed her solo performance techniques at the Latin American Violin Academy, and later, between 2009 and 2010, enhanced her music teaching methodologies. Notable institutions such as the “A New World Academy (FANM)” in 2009 and the YOLA National Symposium in Los Angeles in 2019 have marked her educational journey.


In parallel to her studies, Luisamar applied her knowledge as a member of several prestigious symphony orchestras. Her talent resonated in the Falcon Symphony Orchestra, the Maracaibo Symphony Orchestra, the Teresa Carreño Symphony, and made an international impact with the Miami Symphony Orchestra during Plácido Domingo’s 2017 tour. She has been conducted by world-class maestros such as Gustavo Dudamel, Diego Matheuz, Claudio Abbado, and Simon Rattle, and has participated in tours that have taken her across Europe, Asia, and South America.

Upon completing her academic achievements in 2012, Navarro obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Music from the Francisco de Miranda University (UNEFM). It was there that she began to develop her pedagogical vocation, imparting her knowledge at the Coro Music Center and the Caracas Music Center, becoming an integral part of “El Sistema,” an educational program founded by Maestro José Antonio Abreu, dedicated to transforming lives through music.

Luisamar Navarro’s biography reflects the image of an artist whose life is a symphony of continuous learning, performance, and teaching, a harmoniously intertwined triad to foster both personal growth and the enrichment of others through the universal language of music.